Customer Service Skills and Interview Questions

Check this post regarding great customer service interview by Jay Hargis:

How many parties have you been to where the topic of conversation turns to customer service and, usually, some horror story about a bad customer service experience? If you are like me, it happens all of the time. Imagine, if you will, if you were responsible for a customer service organization and the topic of conversation turned to a bad experience with your customer service department. Now what do you do? My guess is you start to examine your customer service department.

Generally, the best place to begin your examination is at the beginning. How are you recruiting and interviewing your customer service representatives? Is there a structured interview process? Is it willy-nilly? Do your hiring managers really know how to interview?

I’m going to share a three step approach to interviewing customer service representatives that will lead you to better results. All employees’ success is based on three critical success factors: The first is Skill Fit. Skill fit is the most natural piece of information for us to evaluate from a resume. It includes education, training and experience. The second is Company Fit. Company Fit includes values, attitudes and appearance.

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For more tips on how to handle customer service job interview, click the link below:

If you want to learn more about great customer service, just visit the link below:


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