Three Ways to Provide Great Customer Service

Check this post by Christopher Byrd regarding great customer service:

There are many different ways to provide great customer service. Whether you work in retail serving external customers or back office serving internal customers, you have opportunities every day to provide great customer service. The tricky thing is that the definition of great service varies on the person you ask and the situation. What one person thinks is great customer service, another person says is normal service. What most customer service professionals forget is that it does not matter what they think is great service, it only matters what the customer thinks is great service. Here are three tips on how to provide great service in the eye of customers.

First, build trust with your customers. This applies to the first time you help a customer to the fiftieth time. If they trust you, they will return for more. Customers who trust you will be more satisfied, will refer their friends, and less likely to switch to a competitor. The easiest way to build trust is simple: make promises and keep them. It is easy to say, "I will get that report for you." This is an open window. You could provide it in five minutes or five days. You send the report and they are satisfied. Instead, you should specify when you will be providing them the report. For example, "I will get that report for you in one hour." Then you send it to them within that time frame and in their eyes you have provided great service instead of just satisfying the request. If you are unable to fulfill the request within the promised time, you need to renegotiate the expectation before the deadline with an apology. For example, "Sorry Mr. Smith, I know I said I would have that report for you today, but I am going to have to send it to you tomorrow." Even though you did not keep the original promise, you renegotiated before the deadline. This too raises the level of trust your customers will have for you.

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