Why does implementing great customer service retain customers?

Customers are the company's greatest assets. They make the company grow and prosper. However, without them, business surely fails. That's why, it is really necessary for every company   to take care its customer and retain them. Make them go back to the company. And, it is only through providing great customer service that the customer may stay longer and trust the company. But, why does providing great customer service makes the customers become faithful to the company?

We all know that customer are willing to pay more in order to get or experience the comfort they want to  have.They want to be treated nice and be served well. When they feel dissatisfied with the service from a certain company, they will decide to stay out from that company and find another one where they can find the quality of service and comfort they are looking for. Implementing great customer service is one way to make the customer satisfied. When they find the convenient and the quality service in a company, they prefer to stay from that company longer or even forever. They will never look for another company and will always be loyal to the company they are having at the present. This is why great csutomer service implementaion retain existing customers.

Another reason  why does  providing great customer service  retain customers, customer tend to be in a company where there is great customer service. They not only take a look on the quality of products the company has but also the quality service the company can give to the customer.

Now, we can see why  implenting great csutomer service can make the customer saty with the company for long period.

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