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How to know if you have successfully provide great customer service?

January 20, 2013

Providing great customer service is not that easy job to do. It requires skills, emotional strength, etc. Not everyone can be a great customer service but with determination and eagerness to learn, there is no reason not to become great customer service provider. Upon doing or implementing great service to customers, how one knows if he or she has successfully provides great customer support? The following are the signs that t customer service provider has been successful in delivering great customer service:

Firstly, customer's questions has been answered. Well, one of the task that customer service representative entitled to do is, of course, answering customer's questions. So, he or she has done so well in answering questions from customer, it is a sign of successfully providing great customer service.

Secondly, customer problem or issue has been addressed and solved. The climatic job being a customer support associate is addressing and solving customer's problem. It is not that easy as it is sometimes what customer want to happen contradicts to company's rules and regulations. However, if the customer service associate has done so well in this point, then a great customer service has been defined.

Finally, customer satisfaction has been the results of the process. One thing to know or maybe the best thing to determine if excellent customer service has successfully provided is when a customer was happy and satisfied with the service. It is a sign that the customer service staff has been able to become in successful in giving good service to customer.

Although, providing great customer service requires a step by step process, but there is only one thing  to bear in mind on how to provide it successfully and that is to aim customer satisfaction. Make customer happy with the service.

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Three Ways to Provide Great Customer Service

January 17, 2013
Check this post by Christopher Byrd regarding great customer service:

There are many different ways to provide great customer service. Whether you work in retail serving external customers or back office serving internal customers, you have opportunities every day to provide great customer service. The tricky thing is that the definition of great service varies on the person you ask and the situation. What one person thinks is great customer service, another person says is normal service. What most customer service professionals forget is that it does not matter what they think is great service, it only matters what the customer thinks is great service. Here are three tips on how to provide great service in the eye of customers.

First, build trust with your customers. This applies to the first time you help a customer to the fiftieth time. If they trust you, they will return for more. Customers who trust you will be more satisfied, will refer their friends, and less likely to switch to a competitor. The easiest way to build trust is simple: make promises and keep them. It is easy to say, "I will get that report for you." This is an open window. You could provide it in five minutes or five days. You send the report and they are satisfied. Instead, you should specify when you will be providing them the report. For example, "I will get that report for you in one hour." Then you send it to them within that time frame and in their eyes you have provided great service instead of just satisfying the request. If you are unable to fulfill the request within the promised time, you need to renegotiate the expectation before the deadline with an apology. For example, "Sorry Mr. Smith, I know I said I would have that report for you today, but I am going to have to send it to you tomorrow." Even though you did not keep the original promise, you renegotiated before the deadline. This too raises the level of trust your customers will have for you.

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How to give great customer service?

January 15, 2013

Great customer service is something very company must consider in running a business. Giving great customer service requires skills and knowledge. It is an activity which requires determination and focus. But, how to give great customer service, anyway?

Giving great customer service must go with the step by step process.

Firstly, the customer service representative must learn how to smile. A smile is very important because it shows courteousness and kindness. A simple will always delight every person. Customer service means delighting customers. So, you have learn how to smile.

Secondly, be kind. Showing kindness really counts because it will make every person cool down. Showing kindness to the customers really touches their heart. That will make the irate customers calm down.

Thirdly, create an extra mile. Creating an extra mile means that you are going to put yourself on the shoes of the customers. In this way the customer service associates can easily comprehend  the customer's problem. Thus, he can easily come up with the best possible solution to the customers problem.

Lastly, the customer support representative must be knowledgeable with the product or services they are offering. How can he able to address and solve customer's issue he has no knowledge about it. He could never think of the solution for every customer's problem idf he doesn't have knowledge on his product or service offered.

These are just the basic thing that every customer service representive or provider must learned in order to successfully provide great customer service. We all know that customers are the company's greates assets. That's why , it is reasonable that every company mus implement great customer service.

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Great Customer Service Is Everything

January 13, 2013

Check this post regarding great customer service by Mike Sprouse:

Great customer service is everything, and I mean "everything".

One of my recent articles touches on customer service and how not enough businesses actively market their great customer service (CS). The article, perhaps not so ironically, is the from which I have gotten the most number of emails.

So it got me thinking a little bit more about the topic. Before, I had tied CS and marketing together. Now, couldn't you say CS is tied to basically just about everything for any business? I think you can say that. I think whether you're running a business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) company, customer service is THE central function from which all else is derived.

Let's flip it around and look at some major functions within a company or business which are impacted by CS.

1) Marketing – this is an easy one. Great customer service is easy to market, plain and simple. Poor customer service is almost impossible to market. I can say this because I've been a marketer. No matter what business I'm marketing, if there is great customer service it makes my job extremely easy but more importantly creates opportunities that wouldn't have been there otherwise. If a marketer knows his or her business has shoddy customer service, he or she is less apt to be able to confidently communicate the story or value proposition of that business.

2) Sales – this has a similar relationship to Customer Service as marketing. In a B2B environment, sales absolutely has to have the confidence in its customer service team that what they're selling will actually happen. Poor customer service is probably the biggest reason why sales relationships are ruined.

3) Finance – again, if you think about it, Finance and Accounting rely on strong customer service. Without it, there are complaints, charge backs, and a whole bunch of messy accounting entries. If you don't believe that customer service can either cause headaches or sleepless nights for your CFO, you should ask your CFO.

4) Public Relations – this is a close partner to Marketing, obviously, but in our hyper social world, poor CS can immediately impact public relations in terms of tarnishing a brand. The flip side is that if you provide great customer service, that has the potential to spread like wildfire and be a differentiating factor versus your competitors in the court of public opinion. Think of this not just in terms of Twitter or Facebook or some of the common social media properties we all know; think of this in regards to review websites. If I'm going on vacation, I would clearly do some research about what hotel to stay at and the first thing I would want to read are reviews from other travelers like me. CS is a big component of what I want to read about, and review sites are big part of our new world's PR.

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Why does implementing great customer service retain customers?

January 10, 2013

Customers are the company's greatest assets. They make the company grow and prosper. However, without them, business surely fails. That's why, it is really necessary for every company   to take care its customer and retain them. Make them go back to the company. And, it is only through providing great customer service that the customer may stay longer and trust the company. But, why does providing great customer service makes the customers become faithful to the company?

We all know that customer are willing to pay more in order to get or experience the comfort they want to  have.They want to be treated nice and be served well. When they feel dissatisfied with the service from a certain company, they will decide to stay out from that company and find another one where they can find the quality of service and comfort they are looking for. Implementing great customer service is one way to make the customer satisfied. When they find the convenient and the quality service in a company, they prefer to stay from that company longer or even forever. They will never look for another company and will always be loyal to the company they are having at the present. This is why great csutomer service implementaion retain existing customers.

Another reason  why does  providing great customer service  retain customers, customer tend to be in a company where there is great customer service. They not only take a look on the quality of products the company has but also the quality service the company can give to the customer.

Now, we can see why  implenting great csutomer service can make the customer saty with the company for long period.

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Great Customer Service Is Attitude, Individuality, and Freedom

January 7, 2013
Great Customer Service: Check this post regarding great customer service by Erroin Martin:

Companies that have a reputation for excellent customer service are known for having the same traits. Those traits are attitude, individuality, and freedom. Their customer support teams are excited about working where they work, they enjoy solving problems, they all are a bit quirky, and they are given freedom of movement to create solutions.

A great example for a high-end provider of customer service is the Four Seasons Hotel chain. First they hire employees that match the brand image of the hotel chain, which is class and manners. These employees display an excellence in manners towards each other and their guests. They pay attention to detail in ways that the hotel guest will notice; making them feel as if their individual needs are attended to. For lack of a better term, the Four Seasons hires "neat freaks." The second important item the Four Seasons chain provides is a freedom of movement to service a guest's needs. Each employee at the Four Seasons is given a budget that they can spend on meeting the needs of their guests. This freedom of resources, in most cases cash, allows the employees of the Four Seasons to quickly solve problems and be creative in the process. The end result is that guests feel completely taken care of.

On the lower-end of providers is, the online shoe provider. Employees of this fast growing Internet store love shoes. The founder and CEO of, who is a self-confessed shoe aficionado, hires the same for his customer service staff. The customer service staff at is given the freedom of movement to solve a customer's problems. This can be from a no questions asked return to helping the client find the best show at the lowest price for a particular occasion. The goal is to have satisfied customers, no matter how you get there.

Both companies are successful brands. Both understand that it is the customer who controls their destinies. Therefore they hire customer service representatives that match the attitude of their brand, enjoy solving the needs of their customers, and give the freedom to do so without giving away the store.

How great customer service helps the company grow?

January 6, 2013
Great Customer Service: Learn the importance of great customer service:

We all know that customers tend to pay more in order to find the comfort they want. They always want to be served well. When they found out discomfort within the company they are with, they prefer stay out from that company and find another one. Customers are company's greatest asset. Without them, businesses fails. So, when they are gone, it become company greatest loss. That's why every company must retain the customers they have already. They must take care of them all. One way to retain them is to implement great customer service. Customer retention is the most vital way to make the company grow and prosper. And, it is done or achieve only by providing great customer service to the existing customers. Looking or attracting for customers is not only the job for the company to be done. They hardly prosper in that way. They must also find way to retain their existing customer. And, it is only through great customer service implementation. That's how great customer serivce helps every company to grow. Great customer service gives every customer the comfort they want. Thus, letting them stay further in the company. In that way, when customer are happy with the company, they also tend to spread to others what or how great the company was. They, in return, helps the company build good reputation. They become the company's walking advertisers. Company will attract more customers in that way because we all know that people really love to listen true story. In return, more customers will come to the company. The company surely grow and prosper.

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Great Customer Service

January 4, 2013

Great Customer Service: Check this post regarding great customer service by Steve Randazzo:

Great customer service comes from the heart. In reality, the specific needs for great customer service agents are rather unique. Empower and encourage your staff to give feedback about the systems and policies within which you expect them to work and deliver. Feed back can be submitted via suggestion box, surveys, intranet or websites

A company that takes responsibility for its shortcomings is more likely to provide the best customer service for two reasons: first, it is acknowledged that it is the companies fault and the companies responsibility to fix, and what customers are often hungry for may sound like little things and common courtesies that certainly would not be considered rocket science but combined together provide a strong foundation. On average, a study found that American's are willing to spend approximately 9.7% more for this type of service.

If you can honestly say that you have these skills, you are well on your way to long term success. An employee who displays these extraordinary skills will go far in almost any industry.

Blaming the customer first is not great customer service. Before you unearth these indiscreet secrets, it is best to address this head on by un-cracking the codes that can help build a great customer service. So no matter if you are Business-to-business or business-to-consumer, set the bar high.

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How to deal with irate customer?

January 2, 2013

In giving great customer service, specifically, in handing customer's problem is not easy when you are a customer service representative. Most especially, when you face an irate customer. It really requires patience and emotionally strong. But if you, as customer support associate, are really an equipped and knowledgeable one, everything is just easy. The following are the things that must be consider in dealing with irate customers:

Just stay calm. Don't panic.

No matter how stressful the situation is, just always remain undisturbed. Be at your original resolve always.

Be nice.

Just maintain your positive mental attitude. Don't you ever try to argue with the customer. Don't shout at customer. Don't fight back.

Listen Attentively.

Listening means you are going to perceive what you have heard and understand it. Listening is one way to show customer that you are their to help him. When they know that there is someone who is there to help him, it will make him feel important and at ease. They will surely love your service and the company as well. For the part of the Customer Service Associate, listening makes him understand the customer's problem. Thus, he can easily come up with they best possible solution.

Being knowledgeable and Equipped with the product or services

You can not address and solve customer's problem when are not knowledgeable with the product or the services you are rendering. That's why, it is really important that you are fully equipped with your job.

These are the few things which customer service provider must learned in order to become great customer service representative. We all know that great product is useless without great customer service.

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